It’s GROWING Season!

Spring is the best season next to summer because it’s GROWING season! Growing season is the time of year when crops and other plants grow successfully. Many of us have spent the first quarter of the year planting seeds.

The seeds have been planted and everything else is planned out. I encourage you to stop and spend time in a space of stillness. Take the time to listen to the direction of God. What will he call you to do in this next season? Within the next few days or weeks take the time to listen. Listen to the peaceful sound of stillness and may it bring fresh and new revelation that will blow you mind!

What are you growing in this season?

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Are You On Your ‘To Do’ List?

Over the last 25 days, I have taken advice from Auntie, Michelle Obama.  I decided to do a better job of putting me first on my ‘To Do’ list. That is something that I do not do often enough. 2018 was a ride filled with non-stopped blessings and incredible opportunities that were beyond my wildest dreams! I am immensely grateful!

After Christmas, I decided it was time for rest. I didn’t have a number of days in mind, but I knew my mind, body and spirit NEEDED REST!! During that time;

1. I didn’t respond to every email, social media notification, inbox message, text message, groupme or telephone call right away.  That in itself is a full time job and was enough to drive me insane!
2. While I was on winter vacation for 16 days from work I slept late and stayed up late binge watching TV. (Don’t judge me!)
3. I spent time with my daughters and went on dates with my husband.
4. I read books and magazine articles.
5. I drank tea out of my favorite cups and sat in silence.
6. I went to the spa and out to breakfast ALONE!
7. I didn’t begin marking my 2019 calendar with one commitment after another!
8. I said, NO! It is not a crime to care about something and still say no.
9. I didn’t send out a 2018 year review at the strike of the New Year! It was something that could wait. It didn’t change the work or the impact that was made last year.
10. I simply enjoyed being at home.
11. I cleaned and organized my home office which had become chaos over the last few months! 
12. I didn’t push myself to write down or complete a vision board of new years resolutions. I’m still in prayer and asking God to order my steps of purpose and intention.
13. Ultimately I regained order in my mind, body and spirit.

Guess what! The world didn’t end because I didn’t make everything or everyone my priority. Sometimes even for the strongest of us the responsibilities become too heavy.

As full-time wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, employees and the million other ways that we show up in the world, we deserve to be unapologetically at the top of our “To Do List”! In our homes we influence the energy. If we are off balance the atmosphere in our homes are off balance. If our mind, body and spirits are in disarray our homes are in disarray.

It is impossible to pour from an empty cup! Sometimes we need to take more than a few minutes to fill ourselves up. There is no apology necessary…

Who are you Raising?

I came across an article called “Who are you Raising?” The article shares an interesting perspective to say the least. Just yesterday as I registered my youngest daughter at her new school I had to give her the side eye. It was hectic with all the lines and paperwork shifting back and forth. She’s excited to enter Junior High, but wait a minute hold up…she’s not grown! At what point in her mind did she feel it was ok to interject her opinion in a conversation I was having with another adult? I looked over with sharp eyes and stern face. That’s all I needed to do to correct behavior that was headed in the wrong direction. My mother very stern and father very militant we stayed in our lane as children. Yes, we are in a different time, but the same basic values and expectations should apply. Although I have a great relationship with my daughters I am not their friend. I am their mother. My responsibility is to parent. To teach in words and action. Sometimes that isn’t pretty, but it’s worth their temporary unhappiness. The word says, train them up in the way that they should go. The friendship will come later in life.

Check out this article from and share your thoughts…

Do You Believe in Second Chances?

My husband and I recently purchased a new home. We lived in our last house for 13 1/2 years. As we began to pack it was a MUST that we decide what we would take to our new home and what we just had to LEAVE BEHIND. The process was much harder than I ever imagined! My daughter had a dresser that we purchased when she was born, 11 years ago. The dresser was functional for an infant. Don’t laugh! I’ve been told that I have a hard time letting things go. We passed the dresser down to a family member because after all it was still in great condition. As I began to search for a new dresser I was unable to find one that was well made. They just don’t make furniture like they use to! We began looking in consignment stores and I found the PERFECT dresser.   Now, the question is, do I want to take on the task of refurbishing the dresser. I’ve refurbished plenty of small pieces, but nothing this big. I decided to buy the dresser and go for it! Why not? I believe in 2nd chances and I certainly believe in saving coins whenever possible!

I started with watching a million YouTube videos to figure out how to get around sanding. It’s too MESSY and time consuming. Here are some quick easy instructions:

  1. First, remove all the drawers from the dresser.
  2. Using the appropriate screwdriver, take off all the knobs.
  3. Wipe the surface clean using a damp towel.
  4. Using a paint brush apply primer. I used a primer by Zinsser. It sticks to surfaces well and DOES NOT require sanding
  5. Allow the primer to dry before applying paint. It should dry within 1-2 hours.
  6. Next, apply paint color of your choice USING A ROLLER. Do NOT us a paint brush to apply the paint. I recommend using Rust-Oleum Semi -Gloss paint.
  7. Replace knobs or spray paint existing knobs.
  8. Once everything is dry re-attach the knobs and put the drawers back on.

Not too shabby!! What do you think? 



What’s Next?