I came across an article called “Who are you Raising?” The article shares an interesting perspective to say the least. Just yesterday as I registered my youngest daughter at her new school I had to give her the side eye. It was hectic with all the lines and paperwork shifting back and forth. She’s excited to enter Junior High, but wait a minute hold up…she’s not grown! At what point in her mind did she feel it was ok to interject her opinion in a conversation I was having with another adult? I looked over with sharp eyes and stern face. That’s all I needed to do to correct behavior that was headed in the wrong direction. My mother very stern and father very militant we stayed in our lane as children. Yes, we are in a different time, but the same basic values and expectations should apply. Although I have a great relationship with my daughters I am not their friend. I am their mother. My responsibility is to parent. To teach in words and action. Sometimes that isn’t pretty, but it’s worth their temporary unhappiness. The word says, train them up in the way that they should go. The friendship will come later in life.

Check out this article from Blackmomsblog.com and share your thoughts…

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